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Here is a comparison of our hosting management solutions. These options can be modified to suit your needs.

Typically, Self Managed is when you would fully manage your own account from backups to maintenance and site updates. You can store your backups offsite on your secondary storage space on MyWebNet4U.com.

Fully Managed is when "WE" would look after all of your backups and safe storage offsite and not using your secondary storage space on MyWebNet4U.com. This means you can take full advantage of your secondary storage space and use it for just the files you want to store.

  Self Managed Fully Managed
Full Account Back Ups You will be required to create and store your own backups. Your backups can be uploaded to your personal space on MyWebNet4U.com for safe keeping. Or, store your backups locally on your PC and keep your additional space free for your important files. Weekly backups offsite and not on your MyWebNet4U.com additional account space (Free)
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