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Here you will find our hosting plans. For more information or to order some server space, please CLICK HERE and fill out our contact form.

  Light Plan Medium Plan Heavy Plan
Space ^250MB ^500MB ^1000MB
Data Transfer 2000MB 10000MB Unlimited
cPanel Access Yes Yes Yes
FTP Accounts 1 2 4
Email Accounts 1 5 Unlimited
Data Bases 1 2 4
Sub Domains 0 1 4
Parked Domains 0 1 Unlimited
Addon Domains 0 1 Unlimited
phpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
Hotlink Protection Yes Yes Yes
Leech Protection Yes Yes Yes
CGI Center Yes Yes Yes
Softaculous Yes Yes Yes
Site Software Yes Yes Yes
Perl Modules Yes Yes Yes
Pear Packages Yes Yes Yes
Webalizer Yes Yes Yes
Awestats Yes Yes Yes
** Self Managed Per Month *$2.00AU *$3.00AU *$5.00AU
*** Full Managed Per Month *$15.00AU *$20.00AU *$30.00AU

^ All accounts come with a secondary (additional) account of equal size hosted on This means, lets say you purchased the "Light Plan (250MB)", then, you will also get an additional 250MB hosted on to use for whatever you want. Maybe you want to store larger files offsite so as to not use your main site space and data transfer associated with it. This works the same for all of our plans, even the Heavy Plan :-)

* All prices are in Australian dollars. CLICK HERE for the worlds most accurate free currency converter.

** Self Managed is when you manage your account yourself. This includes backup's, and maintenance.
Click Here for more info on Fully Managed Vs Self Managed.

*** Fully Managed is where we will handle and maintain your website backup's and maintain your website to keep it up and running smoothly. If something goes wrong...we will re-install your website from the latest backup. Peace of mind!
Click Here for more info on Fully Managed Vs Self Managed.

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